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JUNE 2014- Latest News!!      4th June 2014, 8:42am

Salutations, felicitations…and welcome to our May newsletter!


Hope you all enjoyed those 2 days of warmer weather (aka ‘British Summertime’) but please don’t forget to keep supporting your local bands/musicians if they are playing indoors! If you can’t stand the heat, we have booked some outdoor shows for the summer months, so keep checking the website and newsletters!




The customary riotous blast has been enjoyed whilst out on the road playing for y’all, with some sell out bunged in along the way in DerbySouthend and Sudbury. And none more so than with ‘Treacle’ Trev and the crew at Heacham Hall over in Norfolk. Ta Trev – same again next year?


Tried a new venue over in Penarth at the legendary Paget Rooms which has hosted the likes of Welsh prog-rock giants ‘Man‘ in the past (who recorded their imaginatively titled 6th album ‘Live at the Paget Rooms, Penarth’ down there). Big thanks to all who turned out for one of the more mental shows this year. We’ve never seen so many empty Strongbow cans in our lives…


And the spiffingly good night over at Skipton Town Hall that we’ve now come to expect materialised right on cue. Completely sold out, but unfortunately some had to miss out due to the building work. Big thanks to Judith and all the staff for their help and their ‘show must go on’ approach, and we have been assured that the venue will be back to normal when we return next year.


And now, some timely notes and reminders for upcoming fixtures…


‘BALL IN THE HALL…calling all footie lovers! With regard to our Blackburn King George’s Hall bash on June 14th – which happens to be the day England play Italy in a World Cup group match -  we’ve liaised with FIFA for kick-off to commence at 11pm, whilst we’ve sportingly agreed to wind our gig up by 10.30pm. They’re happy, we’re happy and you should be too – Lizzy then footie on the same evening? Better than Sunday rumpy with the missus or girlfriend. Or both…




NEWSFLASH FOR SOLO MASH’ BASH…a nudge about our June 13th gathering at Masham Town Hall - we’ve had some ‘kin ace supports there in the past - Meanstreak and the fantabulously monikered Steroid Freak Pussy being amongst the most memorable – but for this one we’ve decided to simply do 2 biiiiiiig sets of Lizzy. Whaddya think? Please let us know your preferences, if you’d rather us have on a guest act or if you’d prefer more from us?




DUMFRIES GO WITH THAT SHAKE?…we’ve got a newbie coming up on June 12th in the voluptuous form of The Venue, Dumfries. Being a midweek gig, we’re onstage at a slightly early time of 8.30pm, as a nod to those of you who require bairnsitters or are up for work early. Again, this is in reaction to feedback we’ve gleaned from your good selves – keep it coming!




WE GOT A LIVE ONE HERE…Now, this IS big news – we have a ‘Let There Be Rock’ mega-tour reunion with our bestest tribute chums and old stage-sparrers. LIVEWIRE - probably the best AC/DC tribute in the world  this summer! CONKERS AMPHITHEATRE in Moira, Leics, our fave-summer-rave, on September 13th!! Ahhh, you guys got it toooo good….


Now then…could this be a precursor, a warm-up, a loose-limbering for summat…well, bigger? Hmmm, whooo, ahhh, well…best keep your ears open, eyes peeled and senses generally on high alert for clues, hints, nudges and winks. And we shall say no more for now…


Our full gig is online HERE with full info. on all gigs going up until our Summer break in August... See you out there…

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