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Mike C      27th September 2014, 3:51pm
Excellent Gig @ Hessle
DAVID GANZ      25th September 2014, 7:27am
Come down to Radcliffe tonight to see the best tribute band in the world!!

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Wayne Ellis Greg Alcock Andy Fox Tim Read

Well, we’ve certainly hit the ground running on this, our second week back from the summer jolls. And, trust us, we’ve started as we mean to go on!


Old favourites are given that moniker cos that’s exactly what they are – reliable venues that work with the band to create great synergy, time after time. Add to that a bunch of crazy beautiful people (vis-a-vis YOU lot!) and voila, you have a pukkah night out! Hence,  Norwich Waterfront was its’ usual glorious Lynott cause celebre; the jewel on the south coast Hampshire coastline that remains the Wedgwood Rooms could only be described as elating – even after all these years – and ‘new kid’ Real Time Live in Chesterfield is fast becoming a staple on any jobbing band’s roster worth their g-string and felt beaters.


But surely, special mention must be reserved for the spectacle, the event that was the gig at the Conkers Amphitheatre in Moira, Leics on the 13th of this month (year of our lord etc). Remember the reconstitution…the amalgam…the molecular rebinding..the re-alloyed alliance that conjoined Yours Truly with LIVEWIRE/DC, the greatest AC/DC tribute outside of the titular artistes themselves to present You, our beloved audience with ‘FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK’ parts I & II? Well, we once again reconstituted, amalgamated, coagulated etc, et al, to test-run, precurse and relaunch the gargantuan behemoth that will translate, transmute and transmogrify into:


‘FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK 2015: JAILBREAK’ (taa-freakin’-daa!)




Wayne and Ash about to rock…


Yup, it’s true, we are pleased and proud to announce the return of our favourite and most successful alliance for a tour that will run over March and April next year, taking in some of the countries best venues:




Even we wouldn’t be that vain as to label it the tribute event of the year but then again…show us one that promises to be even half as incendiary (and trust us, judging by the amount of pyro being stockpiled, something will burn!)? And it was you guys that asked for the return, so…THANK YOU!






Let there be pyro…


Worth a wink…


St Mary’s Social in Radcliffe, Lancs requested a gig from us, so we’re obliging them this Thursday 25th. A small, intimate affair always makes for a gritty performance, so if you really wanna see this outfit earn its’ two shillings. come on over! Limited ticket numbers on this one…Hessle Town Hall on the 26th is becoming an awesome annual gig for us, drawing on the Hull Lizzy following (the mighty Springhead from back in the day and latterly, Fruit), whilst the Blue Lounge in the Floral Pavilion Theatre in New Brighton continues to be a fantastic upgrade from the old Pacific Rd Arts Centre in Berrrrrkin’ead (that’s Birkenhead to you and me, squire!) on the 27th.


Our inaugural gig at The Grapes in Bury St Edmunds (2nd October) appears to be causing delightful controversy?! Many of those who attended our Norwich Waterfront gig earlier this month seemed to be making a beeline for the ticket office after first blinking at us in disbelief! Er…is there summink we should know here? Wot’evor – first come first served, that’s all we can tell ya…the Assembly in Leamington Spa (3/10) continues to be a fave rave – the Kim Kardashian of venues, it’s like playing in some kind of upmarket Bacchanalian blinged-out theatre! And the original trailer as used by Tammy Wynette (we kid you not!) in the changing room is unbefreakinlievable! Nottingham Rock City (4/10) should well and truly finish the job and see you off until our next cyberspace rendezvooo…


All of our shows down until Christmas can be found on our TOUR DATES page, so check ‘em out!


‘Til the next time….

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