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Lorraine Ward      20th September 2014, 7:59pm

A great night was had by all at the Waterfront, Norwich last Thurday 15th September - thanks guys xxx


Dereck Cowell      20th September 2014, 12:26pm
Another great gig in portsmouth last night. Seen you 6 or 7 times but reckon this was the best I've seen. Superb!!!

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Wayne Ellis Greg Alcock Andy Fox Tim Read

Dudes! Dudettes! Limedawgs! Limettes! Homies! Ho...


Er, maybe we should stop there before we get punched! But, suffice to say that summer is well and truly ensconced in our fair land and let us tell ya, sittin' in the back of that van with your extremities gittin' poached like 2 boiled eggs in a hanky is NO way for grown men to carry themselves on. But as we love, cherish and adore yous, such is the cross we willingly bear...


Now then, GIGS...it's what we do. And by god's teeth, have we had some utter corkers along the way! It seems the hotter the gig, the hotter the band play! Take THE GARAGE in Swansea, for instance; whilst we love the big theatres, when you get a venue so small and intimate that you can almost hear the audience change their minds, well...you can run but you can't hide. Blistering gig, great audience interaction! And at newbie-but-awesome THE LEYTON INSTITUTE in Blackpool, they made the mistake of giving us...a runway? Well! The dubiously magnificent. if cumbersome sight of each of the 3 guitarists of Limehouse attempting a run-up and take-off surely will haunt many a punter for some time to come...and they did it again at COLCHESTER ARTS CENTRE! Tim 'Concorde' Read and Wayne 'Boeing' Ellis, permission to launch, please! Some folk never learn...sigh.


Now by the time this cyber-epistle reaches you, 2 beaut new gigs may have been and gone. But if not, on the 17th, NO.1 SHAKESPEARE STREET in the Bardlands of Stratford-Upon-Avon is a must for all those looking for a Cox's Yard replacement fix. And, weather permitting - which is currently looking almost a cert - the day after on the 18th will see us play an outdoor set in the courtyard of ALEXANDER'S LIVE in Chester. Bring ya own banger-fork, this promises to be such a hoot, with no wellies required!


If the weather holds out, one of our firm faves, BOOTLEGGERS in Kendal in the gorgeous Lake District could well turn out to be one of the sweetest gigs of the summer, especially if you make like Lizzy diehards (and good Limehouse mates) Ray & Teresa Alston, who are traveling all the way from Sudbury to spend a long weekend in the Lakes. That's how you do t'ings, peeps!


The south-west jewel in the crown remains THE WHARF in Tavistock, hip-swaying and sashaying in on the 1st August, closely followed by the utmost welcome return to THE FLEECE in Bristol on the 9th, who finally 'saw the light' and reinstated the rock tribs! So, normal service is resumed at one of our more raucous gigs over the years...



people out in Hollywood...live their lives out in black & white

Thanks to Becky Lewis for the piccy!



The BUSHEY SPORTS & SOCIAL makes its' Laboutin-heeled shimmering entrance on the 2nd of August. The Horns in Watford isn't until the year end so we request your presence to  join us for our summer Watford-gap filler.

Bringing up the rear, the powerful but lithe RUSHDEN ATHLETIC CLUB in Rushden, Northants makes its' premiership debut on the 9th August.

Hullbridge Sports Club in Hullbridge, is The Only Way we'll Play Essex this summer on the 16th August



Well actually, that bit about Essex is untrue. We're gonna two-time with the  return of an old flame in the shapely form of THE SQUARE in Harlow on the 16th August. Yeh, you read right - the return of The Square! Be there, or be...oh, it doesn't matter! 


But surely the blockbuster release of the summer HAS to be the reuniting of yours truly with Livewire/DC at THE CONKERS AMPHITHEATRE in Moira, S.Derbyshire to re-enact those mighty 'For Those About To Rock' double-headline tours! Over our 100 year tenure in this business, this has always remained one of the more explosive (literally!) highlights when the 2 acts lock horns. And in the beautiful natural setting of the Conkers Amphitheatre, this will be a nigh on perfect evening out for fans of Classic Rock.


It's summer. It's Thin Lizzy. You know you want to. 

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