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Mark Currey      18th September 2018, 10:12pm

Another great gig, this time at the Regent Centre in Christchurch on September 14th... 

I was lucky enough to see the real Lizzy many times and this band are a fitting way of keeping the memory alive. 

Good to have a quick chat with Wayne and Craig after, and as we said, we have already booked tickets to see you at the Brook in Southampton in November.... 

Till the next time !!!





Sam Smith      12th August 2018, 9:19pm
Really loved the set at the Tribute to Rock festival at the Hop Farm, cheers guys!
Tony & Lin      6th August 2018, 1:53pm

Hi Guys just like to say a big thanks for bringing my favourite band back on stage you should be proud of yourselves I have seen you 4 times now and you are true professionals always bringing a great show to where ever you play . Rock on Lizzy !!!!



Haelie      27th July 2018, 11:59am
I first saw this band when I was 15! An amazing band my all time favourite tribute act out there keeping the great Phil lynotts music alive 
FOR THE ATTENTION OF WAYNE      24th July 2018, 1:39pm
Hi Wayne HAPPY BIRTHDAY !  Another year older, but another year wiser !      Do you have a Limehouse Lizzy T shirt I could have or borrow please  I want to wear it to the Kent gig   free advertising for ya.  See you all at Watford  Lady in the Black hat
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