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Graham n Karen      12th May 2018, 4:25pm
Just seen you guys at Glamtastic in Great Yarmouth....BRILLIANT!!!  Thank you
Ian and Terri lidbette      12th May 2018, 1:05pm
THANK YOU for aBRILLIANT night in Burgess Hill last night (11-05-2018) You brought back the memories of seeing The GREAT THIN LIZZY 3 times in Brighton, the Great Phil Lynott We believe went to early who We miss, I spoke to Greg at the gig and I have sent him details of 2 venues in Shoreham-By-Sea which We would love to see you there, Thanks again for a GREAT night, with You THIN LIZZY will live for ever and We will see You again very soon, Ian and Terri ( Big Fans)
Fix your security.      22nd April 2018, 11:19am
Your admin panel is vulnerable to hackers.
I'm only telling you this because I like Thin Lizzy m/

RICHARD JACKSON      22nd April 2018, 10:54am
Fantastic gig. I never saw Thin Lizzy but I saw you many times down Luton, Banbury way in the late 90's and now at home at the Ferry the other night. I hope there will be many more opportunities as it's hard to imagine a more proficient and respectful band than you are honouring their great legacy of music. Please return soon.
Coopes      22nd April 2018, 12:00am

Yet another blistering performance at the Studio Hartlepool. You guys never fail to deliver. Till the next time, Coopes

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