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John Dunlop      6th March 2020, 9:47am
Glasgow loves you and by your reaction, Wayne, you were loving Glasgow last night. What a set and to include the OGWT version of dont believe - was f&cking awesome, thank you sooooo much
Rob Styles      3rd March 2020, 4:10pm
Jacqui and I have our tickets for Colchester on May 15th.  The Arts Centre is a brilliant venue - and you are always a brilliant Gig.  Must be our 4th visit to see you in the old church!  Greg/All, cannot wait to catch up. Rob
Elaine Parkes      26th January 2020, 9:47pm
Great gig in York & even met Wayne in York today! Unable to subscribe on here...link fails??
David Gurr      26th January 2020, 4:18pm
Saw Limehouse Lizzy for the first time at The Crescent in York last night.  Very impressed, having seen the real McCoy, decades ago & not usually a fan of tribute bands, I can thoroughly recommend these guys, the voice & sound are spot on, probably as good as when I saw the Real "Lizzy".  Met the frontman in York & congratulated him on a marvellous night.  Will definitely see you again.  Top notch!
Sue Walker      20th January 2020, 5:01pm
Another great gig at The Platform, Morecambe... but when are you coming back to Preston please?!?!?! See you soon hopefully ! Keep on rockin', cheers, Sue and Paul
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