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JD      18th March 2019, 11:43am

A cracking set at The Beaverwood in Chislehurst last Thursday.  Thanks for an amazing gig guys.  See you again soon xx 

Les      16th March 2019, 12:09pm

Great night at the academy 3 in Manchester. Fabulous set and you really seemed to enjoy yourselves. Good banter with the croud and even Greg smiled! thanks again, keep up the good work and the memory of Thin Lizzy.


Karl      3rd March 2019, 9:58pm
Seen you 20+times best one last night at wakefield. Drum solo fantastic! Great gig.
Lady in the Black Hat      3rd March 2019, 4:19pm
Wakefield gig,  first class gents,  first class !!!!!!
Lady in the Black Hat      24th January 2019, 11:59am
Thanks for a cracking weekend of gigs guys, Leek, Nantwich and Morcombe.Fast and loud!!! Your up there with Mr Lynott himself 
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