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Steve      4th August 2019, 11:51pm
Thanks for opening up the recent ICONS festival at Apps Court Farm in true Lizzy style - love you guys. Seen you several times before but never outdoors - not sure who scheduled the day but you should have been on later as it went a bit flat late afternoon. Great to have a chat with Wayne and James afterwards in the VIP area - appreciated and we'll see you again soon.
Paul      20th July 2019, 11:34am

Saw Thin Lizzy at Brunel U in March ‘76. Saw Limehouse Lizzy in the Half Moon,Putney on Thursday 18th July ‘19. 

Never thought 43 years would pass to hear this music live again, but it was so worth the wait. Guys, it was brilliant, note perfect and so much fun. Thanks for making an old guy happy 😃 

Mick jordan      29th June 2019, 1:56am
Just watched these guys for the first time .my god they are amazing.And james roberts and the new drummer were fantastic.All the guys were totally dedicated and experts.The best cover band i have ever seen.was james born with a guitar attatched to him as its like its part of him.wow world class band guys.please come to leicester soon as its nearer for me haha
Simon hewitt      23rd June 2019, 10:19am

back from Runcorn ...first time seeing the band ...absolutely awesome ... 

Dean Paolella      16th June 2019, 5:53pm

My daughter Rhian's treat for Father's Day weekend was to attend your gig at Gloucester Guildhall last night.

Absolutely superb and thoroughly enjoyed equally by an ageing 61 year old Dad and his lovely 22 year old daughter 

Says a lot about you guys and was nice to meet some of you after the gig.

Keep on rocking! 

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