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Happy New Year! JANUARY NEWS and 2022 TOUR DATES are now up on our NEW website!! Click here to read, or follow the link in our insta bio https://www.limehouselizzy.co.uk/news 🎸
@thebrindleytheatre #Runcorn
These are our first two gigs of 2022 and we’d love you to join us to kick off the New Year, big-time! 2 brilliant venues where we can do our full production on big stages - it doesn’t get any better!
Tickets 🎟 at: www.limehouselizzy.com
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Latest News

January 2022 - H-N-Year!


Too late, we’ve just done it - so there! 😉 Hope it’s all started in the manner you wish to proceed!

First thing’s first, we feel we owe It to you to address that elephant in the room. At risk of prodding at a still-sore wound, we think we’re safe in saying that the bigger news at the end of last year was that we had been ‘released’ from the much vaunted and now-completed Sweet tour. 


We mention this now for 2 reasons; the first being that especially in the aftermath of what jarringly and abruptly (for both band and supporters alike) turned out to be our final 3 gigs of 2021, we feel we wish to repeat our apology to all those who had purchased tickets based even partially on the strength of our appearance on the tour but never got to see us perform.

The second reason is that we feel it important to finally clarify that we didn’t ‘jump’ - we were pushed! However, what is more important than any details is that you, Thin Lizzy fans and by extension, our friends and supporters, know that no matter what happens behind the scenes, we would never let you down like this if any level of control is within our hands. In this particular situation, there sadly wasn’t.


Of course, we were extremely disappointed, as it also seems many of you were. Following the lengthy period that was the pandemic lockdown, this was a ‘decision’ particularly difficult to accept on both financial and emotional levels but sadly it was out of our hands.

Nonetheless  we are aware of and apologise for any confusing or conflicting statements that were  issued - and many of you made it clear that you weren't being fooled and quite rightfully so.


The MUCH better news is that we are back to being masters of our own destiny and as such, fully have the wheel back in our grasp to steer and surf the good ship Limehouse atop a tidal wave of frothy, salty gigs effervescing with lithesome guitarists, powerhouse drummers, frontmen bloated of girth and ego and the all-important,  oh-so-deadly, all killah, NO fillah toons! Even in the face of the current climate of uncertainty (now hopefully beginning to dissipate), we simply cannot wait to return and have accordingly made it our business to be deloused, double-dipped, triple-jabbed and erm, pickled in spirits throughout December in readiness!


The Man who spawned a tribute - Phil Lynott


So, without further ado, head over to that smorgasbord of both juicily meaty AND plant-based, grass-fed, wholly organic performances for your delight and delectation HERE (please note - all band members are wholly-sustainable, recyclable and re-usable….) !

AND DON'T FORGET - our first shows back are THIS WEEK! We need you there, and we need those helping hands at live shows more than ever!!




These are our first two gigs of 2022 and we’d love you to join us to kick off the New Year, big-time! 2 brilliant venues where we can do our full production on big stages - it doesn’t get any better!




Roy Mon 17th Jan 2022

Thanks for a great night at the Platform Morecambe it was a really good crowd and I really enjoyed your new show 😁

Yes, weren't you all just? A great audience to play to…as usual!

Derek from Manchester Sun 16th Jan 2022

Great show last night at Morecambe's Platform theatre.The band members gave their all and the crowd responded.👍🤘🎶🎸

Really good to see you all, Derek. And thanks for making the trip from Manchester!

Tony gibbo the guy with the long silver beard!!!!,, Sat 15th Jan 2022

I am sure I saw a tour date for April 2022 at the Half moon on the gig guide but I can*t find it anywhere I saw you boy^s there last year and before that what a night !!! I want to be there again please tell us when it will be??? WHAT A PRIVELAGE you boy^s are love yer,!!!!.

Good to hear from you Tony! We have a provisional date of April 14th in at The Half Moon but they have yet to clear it. Try contacting the venue - it'll prompt them to get it sorted! And thanks for your great compliments!

Jan from Liverpool Sat 15th Jan 2022

Fantastic night last night at The Brindley Theatre, Runcorn. What a fantastic way to start 2022 and well worth travelling from Liverpool for. Well done lads!!

Jan, it was awesome - and we couldn't have done without you all, thanks so much for the support!

Stuart pearson Thu 13th Jan 2022

Will be front and centre at Monroe's on the 22nd of January. Any chance you can play night in the life of a blues singer?

If we're honest Stuart, it's one we've never learned, even though it IS an awesome song. Can we do anything else - Got To Give It Up maybe?

Alan Johnson Wed 12th Jan 2022

Is there anyone there to answer emails or Facebook messages?

The email band@limehouselizzy.com is usually best - if you've already messaged, really sorry, we're a bit behind ourselves at the mo! Try again? Ta!

chris twigden Wed 5th Jan 2022

looking forward to seeing you in morecambe again on 15th we can't wait, take care

Glyn Sat 1st Jan 2022

Looking forward to seeing you guys in Tavistock during March 2022. I've watched you many times, from Glasgow to St. Ives in Cornwall and many places in between, pure class

Many thanks for your amazing support Glyn. Looking forward to seeing you at Tavi - Happy New Year!

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